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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by dbphoenix, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. dbphoenix


    Is there any way to determine the "number" of a post without changing to a one-post-per-page display?

    If not, is it possible to add some sort of identifying marker (such as a numeral) to posts since they can't be identified by date/time?
  2. Baron

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    If you right click on the the edit, quote, complain options and then choose "properties", you'll see the post number at the end of the URL shown.
  3. dbphoenix


    I wasn't clear. The reason I was asking was to know how to refer somebody to a post (without reverting to the one-per-page to get a link). The number alone is insufficient. Is there some shortcut to typing in the entire http address or switching to the one-post-per-page format?
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    My workaround for the issue is to go to the search tab, type in some criteria that get's me to the post (usually the posters screen name) and then click on the post I wish to address. Then I can copy the link in it's entirety at the top and past it in.

    It's a pain, but it works.

  5. Hi dphoenix,

    You should be able to change to a one post per page by clicking on Your Account then clicking Edit Options then scroll down and change your Default Posts per Thread to "Show 1 posts per page"...

    That should do it.

  6. dbphoenix


    Turok, it is a pain, which is why I'm trying to find an easier way, or, if there is no easier way, suggest that an easier way be found.

    Mark, that's the way I'm doing it now, and I'm suggesting that an alternative be found since I prefer the 40-post view.

    And, yes, one can simply quote the entire post that one wants to refer to, but then you've got these unwieldy threads that become more and more difficult to slog through.

    Simplest solution from my viewpoint? Assign every post a number that is visible in the post, e.g., below the date, or below the poster's number of posts. One can then refer to a post as #whatever in the Whatever Thread. At the very least, it would make creating FAQs a whole lot easier.
  7. Baron

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    The format for referring someone to a specific post is

    Since this software shortens the url for display purposes, the actual url can be found by clicking on the link above and looking in your browser bar.

    Just replace the number at the end with the number of the actual post using the method I explained above.
  8. dbphoenix



    Now, is there any place on the page where one can find this link in order to replace the post number? Or does one have to go find it somewhere?
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  10. Bsulli


    just place the cursor over the post you want to refer to and right click and select properties than highlight the url and right click again and copy.

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