Identifying extry, exit points to maximise profit

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  1. Hi,

    I am doing a paper on trading strategies which requires identification of entry & exit points to maximise profit.

    A part of the this question involved calculations of mean and Strandard Deviaiton for a sample of 4 year period (2005-2009) for the same stock.
    It also required to identify how many times the share prices moved up or down during the research period (i.e. two months of 2009) i.e. no. of SD away from sample SD. I have done this part. Refer attachment

    Now I need to identify strategies to maximise profits and extry exit points.

    Could someone give me some hint or the right approach or the method?
  2. State of the art: buy low - sell high during TARP. Sell high - buy low otherwise.
  3. I don't see an attachment