Ideas on Raising that Initial Capital for Trading..

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Bullz n Bearz, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Anyone have some good insights for all of the new traders (and me included ) to raise that 50k - 100k in capital?

    I see traders here on board having that amount to play with in the markets but question how it was gotten in the first place.


  2. Get a job?

  3. Easier said than done. We must be more specific as working at McDonalds will not be the most leveraged way to make that initial 50k + amount for trading..
  4. Credit cards.

    But you need a low interest rate deal and you want to pay the money back after you double it.

    I recently turned a 4K credit card loan into 50K using a bucket shop account but they then stopped me trading at market prices and so i closed my account. (The recent market vol spike broke my system anyway).

    Bucket shops are thriving in the UK (they are called spread betting firms and any profits you make are tax free).

    Lots of businesses are started with Credit Card funding.
    The seed capital for Cisco Systems was credit card debt.
  5. Inherit money from your parents, then be dumb and take out a

    large chunk of it to trade with. WHY anyone would so this, I dont

    know :D :D
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    hit the phones.....I dont know about the legality of it...but hitting the phones is by far the best route to hit ur numbers, obviously calling the right people not joe scmhoe...and as in everything it is a numbers game.....and then use the box in method...3 yesses and a close...peace
  7. sorry, but what do you mean by hit the phones?
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    get a hair cut first
  9. sjfan


    This is so completely illegal it's not even funny.