Ideas on picking a trading "partner" and how to compensate him/her...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by risktaker, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. How do you guys suggest one look for a trading partner/assistant (I don't want any big shots with degrees for instance) and how should this person be compensated initially?

    This is not a help wanted ad, so please don't send me any resumes.

    Anyone care to discuss this?
  2. I would set an hourly figure with potential for a bonus.
  3. prop traders get 50% of profit assuming the trader is a professional and only using your capital.

    Minimum is 25% of profit. 50% is minimum if the trader can trade

    Essentially, the trader is using your capital.

  4. and if the trader is that good why would he trade for you and give you 50% of his profit.

  5. there is only three reasons you would need trading assistant

    1. you have too much capital
    2. you have no time to daytrade full time and have better things to do or profit is too smal.
    3. you can't trade.

  6. 1) It would be best to work with someone who has a similar risk temperament as you.
    2) Having a sugar-mama would be a good thing too. :cool:
  7. Rufawana


    Just hire a pretty masseuse/ secretary/ cocktail waitress/ girl friday. Hell, even a hooker, if that's yer thing.
    Plus you can talk shop, without any fear of your parner/employee using it to start their own operation.