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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by atticus, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. SHLD, IACI and TLAB long. I am going to buy the Sep SHLD 20/40/60 fly. Long spot in SHLD, IACI and TLAB into long flies if gains are seen on spot.
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    TLAB looks the best.
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    Keep an eye on GLW. Should get a boost from an extremely bullish article in Barron's.
  4. Buy VMW Tuesday morning
  5. Here are the four stocks charts mentioned in this post.

    My Supp/Res. observations.
    I do not have any positions in GLW,TLAB,IACI or SHLD stocks.

  6. IACI
  7. GLW
  8. 2006


    I'm somewhat bullish (short term) -- but i'm hoping we don't gap up too far tomorrow.

    I was hoping to buy some fear early morning.
  9. TLAB
  10. Man this is a kick ass thread but there is only one answer> OIIM ~ stoney
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