Ideas for the antivaxxer comedy movie?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bugenhagen, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Bugenhagen


    Screenplay ideas?

    Digitally reincarnated John Candy as lead antivaxer and guy who absolutely cannot afford to risk Covid with conditions, probably three other supporting actors two also with childhood bio, one however as a no background sinister maniac using the boys as terrorist fall guys.

    The opening music from Raising Arizona. Shades of Yahoo Serious and the Jerk.
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  2. Bugenhagen


    Cameo by Larry Elder. Bit like in Shawn of the dead where they run into a slightly more competent & better looking version of their own group.

    Cameo by Dr Z., he would do it for sure.
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  3. Bugenhagen


    Set in the next pandemic of 2026. Two groups SOTD homage scene in Covid-19 era graveyard?

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  4. gwb-trading


    PLOT: A confused Grim Reaper is overwhelmed with "business" from anti-vaxers and struggles with all of his pick-ups of some of America's "now-dead" stupidest people.
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  5. Bugenhagen


    Interesting, good. I was watching a movie "The Fare" all set in a taxi recently which could be a good ultra low budget filming option.

    There has to be a comedy in this.
  6. Ricter


    Not a laughing matter imo.
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  7. Ricter


    To be a good sport, I will go off topic and suggest a comedy calendar, one with a new right wing conspiracy every day. Conspiwacy of the Day!
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  8. Ricter


    Yeah, as I think on it I realize this is no laughing matter, either. Sigh.
  9. Bugenhagen


    Civilisation has always dealt with serious matters by ridiculing the moral hazard stupids. Black comedy is important especially when they are this batshit, in 50 years many people will assume "batshit crazy" is from the Covid-19 time.
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  10. Bugenhagen


    Alternative (actually the real plan shhhh) and we can get SpaceX to sponsor. Elon has built the Starship fleet to fool the useless 1/3 of humanity into escaping certain doom on Earth but just abandoning them on Mars? Then we can get some shit done and live better lives.

    Its basically the plot of how Earth was populated two million years ago by the "B" ark from another star system in Hitchhikers Guide. The A ark, thinkers, artists, engineers etc and B ark workers who actually makes stuff never launch theirs. I think it was a giant space goat eating their planet story, similar will work with Earth's conspiracy igits.

    Even straight telling them its all a plan to get rid of them won't matter, in a couple of months they will forget. I know somebody who knows Alan Alda, we could get him to play the president maybe.
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