Ideas for other "cash for ..." programs

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  1. CFC is the most successful stimulus program, so far. Instead of giving trillions to Wall St., and hoping that the money left after Wall St pays itself bonuses will trickle down ( which it hasn't), CFC cuts out the Wall St. middleman and gives cash directly to the consumer economy.

    So, I suggest we should use more of the stimulus for triple threat "Cash for..." programs. By triple threat I mean these programs help consumers, the environment, and businesses. All without the 4th element of Wall St. taking 50% or more of the money for itself for "underwriting" or other purposes.

    The program I want to see is "Cash for Windows". Homeowners and Apt owners would receive 60 to 70% of the cost to purchase and install new "Green" energy efficient windows as replacements for old windows. This would benefit consumers as they would have an improved home as well as energy bill savings. Hardware stores and other businesses that sell windows would also see some positive impact. Any other ideas?
  2. Provide an extra stimulus payment for the obese/overweight who, under doctor's supervision, lose at least 20% of their total bodyweight, and improve all of their health benchmarks (i.e. a drop in blood pressure, blood sugar, lipids). They should keep it off for at least one quarter, and upon confirmation by their doctor, they receive a stimulus payment. Maybe work in a second one if they maintain this for one year. This will take a huge burden off of the healthcare system.

    We'll call it "Cash for Mass".
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    Or, the government could take 100% of income from every legal citizen and use the money to buy everyone food, clothes and a place to live.

    Wow, just think how much that would help grocery stores, department stores and the housing market!
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    Cash for hookers- Las Vegas was hit pretty hard in this downturn & a cash for hookers program would really stimulate things.........

    Hey, you asked.
  5. cash for war veterans and pensioners and the homeless.

    this would be the most effective they have no money so they would spend it all and it would have the largest increase on demand.
  6. They already have a program like that. Although its not 60-70%...its 30%
  7. I have a better idea. How about giving money to people who are not fat. That way we can save a little money since 60% of the US is overweight, we only have to pay the thin people.
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    Circadian - your idea is in my eyes a good one. obesity is a real problem in america. Not only should we do a cash for BMI (body mass index) delta... we should plug all those ellipitcals and excercise bikes into dynamo;s reroute all that electricity into the grid and make it cheaper for the populace!
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    Then you start to think, hey let's reverse this and make it "tax for" to discourage bad behavior:

    Tax for meat
    Tax for fast food
    Tax for Trans Fats
    Tax for fat clothes
    Tax for television
    Tax for internet
    Tax for video games
    Tax for lounge chairs
    Tax for cruises
    Tax for all-inclusive resorts
    Tax for all-you-can-eat orders
    Tax for fat loaded salty snacks
    Tax for watching American Idol
    Tax for posting on internet boards
    Tax for big screen TVs
    Tax for DVDs
    Tax for Pizza Delivery

    You know we'll be raising taxes through the roof. Might as well make it on behavior.
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    CFC is another program to reward bad behavior.

    Simple, just cut tax 3% for a year.

    Let's be honest. Good program means you are getting cash. Bad means you are not getting cash.
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