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    WTF! what kind of opening is this?!?
    There is no liquidity whatsoever....

    EUR/USD is quoting 1.2158/93, huge spread,
    with peanuts at the bid and ask.

    EUR/GBP has no ask! only bid.

    53pips spread at USD/GBP. Again peanuts at the bid/ask.

    WTF!!!!!! WTF!!!! What kind of market is this?????
  2. did you notice the GBP/JPY pair ? it was outta wack again. oanda
  3. like 100 pips above oanda but by the time i got oanda up it was too late Arghhhhh
  4. KS96


    IDEALPRO is way off in many pairs!!!
    Get whatever you can.
  5. did you get it ?
  6. curious what went on ... in the DEC USD / EUR futures it seems like a bunch of trades went in the opening few minutes below where they should have based on the EFP ( spot - dec spread )

    I guess if IDEALPRO was not quoting at first or if the dealers IB is using were not keeping a tight market in first few minutes one could have looked at where FXCM , REFCO , GAIN , OANDA , SAXO
    etc market was for spot ...

    were trades honored by IB forex pro if executed ?
    were DEC futures USD / EUR honored as executed? ( by the way ... I have seen worse than this on openings ... but it can result in "free lunch"
    for the alert trader who trades by the rules ...
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    I just got a trade busted in IDEALPRO. That sucks!
    I saw the quote and traded it, what's the problem with that?
    The cancellation of the trade resulted in a margin call
    and I had to reduce further my current position.
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    I am gonna investigate this further,
    because the market was quoting around the price
    of my trade for at least 30minutes.
    Furthermore, my trade was busted after 11 whole hours!!
    Is this normal? Who has experience here with these kind
    of things?

    Any advice is welcome...
  9. To get any meaningful advice, it might be helpful for you to indicate what the busted trade was -- currency pair, price and time, incl. your time zone.
  10. KS96,

    please tell us the details, and especially what reason did IB give the busting of the trade?
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