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  1. Quotetracker does not update prices from Idealpro (IB) ,so I cannot get the charts - unless I download a previous version of TWS. -which I donot want to do.

    Is there anywhere else I can get idealpro charts for day trading. IB own charts are no use as minimum is two weeks and 30 min bars. I donot mind even if the service is to be paid for.

    Thanks, much appreciated
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    maby you need to define which price you need to update.
    In ensignSoftware i need to indicate if Bid or Ask (no last)
  3. What do you mean by that? You can go as low as 1 min bars and tf has no limitation except the width of your screen.

    Ensign can be tied together with IB's data feed. However, since I never used them, I have no idea how good they are.

  4. on IB charts I cant hace chart for the day. Am I missing something? Where do I specify chart for one day and 1 min chart? Thanks
  5. If you have a chart open, go to 'Charts' -> 'Show/Hide Time Parameters Panel', you get two drop-down menus, first is for the timeframe (how far you want to go back), second is for periodicity. At the bottom you should also have a slide-bar that you can either drag to go back in time keeping periodicity intact, or grab the left side and drag it to increase/decrease your tf.
  6. Thanks so much. I have figured it out now and I can now get Idealpro charts. Thanks for your help

  7. When I have a trade in fx , the p/l is only shown in fxtrader and not on tws page. There are 3 columns 1. P/L 2 unrealised P/L and 3 Realised P/L. These columns remain blank on nTWS page. How can I get these figures there. Thanks for you help
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    If you just need charts to analyze and not trade off of, then get Ninjatrader - it's free and works with IB and doesn't cost if you are not using it to enter trades