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  1. Does anyone know of a broker who offers the following:
    A cyber type platform (preferably cyber's)
    A fee based on number of shares only. Im willing to pay 2c a share or maybe a little more If I can get any execution method I want with no extra fees.
    Options trading. Im looking everywhere for something. I know some of those trading houses offer a share based fee. Im looking for something similar, but with a better platform.
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    I've also looked everywhere for a per share commission schedule. All I've been able to find is Broadwaytrading and Hold Brothers, but neither offers integrated charting.

    TradersArsenal is $.01125/shr NYSE and $.0225/shr Nasdaq. They are a REDI Plus broker, which has charting that is inferior to Cyber. I couldn't see whether they offered options trading.
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  4. Guys, just my two cents - per share broker is only good
    as much money you have - if you have a lot better to have
    a cap on the ticket. Bright (who was bad mouthed on this
    forum a bit) and any other professional outfit will give
    you a $25 ticket cap with no minimum. Commercial brokers
    are seldom will do this to a scuzzy retail guy like us ;-)

    P.S. this is only one factet of the equasion and may mean nothing in your ballance sheet...
  5. mjt, thanx. I've looked into all, and holdbros offered me a nice per share rate. I recommend that you call them and see what they'll do for you. I forgot to ask about a cap though. I think it was echotrading that had a 25 a ticket cap. But I rarely do large ticket trades. Instead I average into and out of positions usually 1-2k at a time.
  6. You are correct Echo has a cap of $25
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    could You please mail me some inf on Your experience with


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    P2 - I guess since you broker there you use Graybox? Has the feed proven clean and reliable, and is it similar to RealTick? Considering switching out of IB this Summer and am in the process of gathering info. Thanks.
  9. I don't think i was clear. I have no info on anything but cyber, who im with. It's just that I called holdbros. and they offered me the great per share rate.
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