Idea to inspire competition and truth

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Timmah5309, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Being new to the forum, I had a discussion with someone about how to know whether people on here tell the truth about their trades. Anyone can come in here and say they made a zillion bucks in the market. Anyone can say they made a good pick, after the fact.

    But what if you could cut out the suspicion ? If you wanted to boast that you made a really good trade, or you predicted the bottom, or X, Y , Z, whatever, and you knew that person was telling the truth ?

    Well, I got to thinking about it. People who wanted to prove they were right, but in the case of a stock pick, didn't want to tip their hand early, could post an encrypted text file before they take the position. Along side it, they could post a description in plain text of whats inside. I.e. "thee stock pics for the week of 1 Jan09" . Then, after they close out, they could publish the key they used to encrypt that file. As long as their date stamp wasn't modified on the original post, you could be 100% sure they posted that info before they knew what was going to happen. Plus the poster could be sure others couldn't profit off his picks or interfere with his strategy.

    Would that be useful to anyone here ? I haven't gotten around the site a lot yet, but are there people who like to boast ? Wouldn't that be fun to keep score, and see without a doubt who makes the best choices ?

    The only drawback would be we'd need to all agree on a program to use for encryption/decryption. And a warning, winzip encryption is fairly weak and can be broken easily. we'd need to use the latest tools.

    What do you think ?