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  1. No... it isn't "save your $$$ and try again" or "quit and never try again".

    Please consider compiling a list of the specific things that resulted in your failure at trading at this point in your life. Please share the list with the board.

    I think you and many others could learn a lot from how someone washes out. We have all seen lists of things you must do to succeed ... how about a list of things that will ensure failure?

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    Well, I'm probably not qualified to answer this (having never blown out in 20+ years), but I think this one thing qualifies as a sure killer.... have poor stop discipline.
  3. I am sure he can handle it. If not, why bother...
  4. UNDERCAPITALISATION POINT. Except with chance even Soros wouldn't cope with 2000$ hee hee. So the best advice is go to work and speculate with money you have saved and afford to lose entirely.

  5. Harry... so much for your thread about you leaving... you are still here, spewing your incomprehensible nonsense... when are you going to leave?
  6. Do you want an english dictionary hee hee !
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