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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by William Rennick, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Chief,

    One of the things that makes Facebook so popular and addictive are the feedback,message and friend red notification signals. They drive immediate response and traffic. On ET one has to try and remember where you've posted and manually find the thread. An upgrade to a Facebook style notification would be great for business.

    Rennick Zuckerburger out:cool:
  2. Joe


    Hey bud, where in Facebook are these features. I haven't seen a friend read, I know on Elitetrader we have a read recipet that you can add to each PM you send. Also to search for your posts, under your user name is a link to every post you ever made, try getting that from Facebook.
  3. Top left hand corner next to the Facebook logo. True, your search feature is great but it's not the same and requires effort. With Facebook you know automatically and instantly if some piker has chimed into a thread you participated in. This joint is a ghost town lately and needs some livening up. Adding these features would boost the traffic and you guys will be rolling in a tsunami of c-notes. Hire some egghead to write the code to make it happen, can't be that hard... cmon do it Joe.

  4. Joe


    I think your email settings are not set up right. I get about 20 emails a day that say someone replied to a thread.
  5. Yeah Joe is right I get that too.
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