IDE for advanced ATS & charting development

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by joh33, Apr 10, 2009.

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    I'm looking for a good IDE and charting package for developing my own ATS that inerfaces with IB. Originally I was going to write it from scratch in VB.NET but then I saw so many platforms available lately that it made me think; why should I have to re-invet the wheel? I mean it would be like developing my own Word processor when I could just use MS Word. Sure, MS Word has some drawbacks but then software development as we all know can take months. So, I've started to look around and found so far these potential candidates:


    I'm sure there are many more. Does anyone know which of those above is the most advanced in terms of writing my own rules that require drawing lines, text and symbols from the progaming language itself? Also, the language needs to be like C++ or VB.NET so I can code fairly complex rules. I'm also planning to store hisotircal data locally so some kind of file management is needed. Alternatively, it should link with VB.NET routines so I could develop the rules and file management routines in Visual Studio. The charting features must be top notch. I like features like scrolling of the charts using the mouse, zooming in and out using the mouse wheel, automatic scaling, etc. Of course the solution must also handle the trading and money management well too. Many thanks.