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  1. The universe has progressed from a state of non-being, as we can understand being, through absolute chaos to its current state in which there is a degree of order so improbable given the initial conditions that we can only take it as self-evident that the universe as it is was intended to be or at least was made possible by way of intention. ID is valid.

    Hans Christian Heidegger
  2. Very insightful. How may I ask did you come to these findings?

    It's quite possible to be escorted into this chaotic abyss to see what it's all about.

    When you consider that energy is the thought of fear projected, it gives you an idea of what the chaos is out of which the world arises.

    The fear lies just below the level of the body sees, and seems to be the whole foundation on which the world is based.

    This is a realm of illusions, twisted thoughts, insane attacks, fury, vengeance and betrayal.

    And these are just to keep a foundation of guilt in place.

    The intensity of this chaos is covered over by what appears to be an orderly physical world upon which walks bodies. .

    The body cannot see what is underneath, and for good reason. Bodies arose to hide what is underneath for its protection, which depends on keeping it not seen.

    Though the body will never see it, it does see what the underlying chaos dictates as it oozes to the surface. Just read the daily headlines.

    The foundation of guilt seems rock solid. Yet it must be passed to access a world of light. In passing it is found that the guilt is not solid, and no more impenatrable than a thick fog. Yet on this fog is built the whole universe from the big bang onward. And because it's foundation is not solid, neither is anything built on it.

    In time this is millions of years ago, and the thoughts and emotions driving the chaos have long since been denied and buried as the mind that makes them is split into various levels, each unable to understand the other. Long since repressed and forgotten, no one understands how we got here, or what we are fighting for, or who is the enemy we defend against.

    The surface is pretty enough to fool many into thinking it is God's creation. Little do they know it represents an attack on God, the self-destruction of His beloved Son, and a hallucination inside a powerful mind.

    It was built as a reaction to a perception, to become a home away from Home.

    It will all disappear within a few more millions of years.

    May the last one out turn on the light.

  3. I come to these findings purely intuitively; it is simply my impresssion that the world of wonders we live in could not evolve from absolute, purposeless chaos, no matter how great the time frame.

    There is no way to prove the validity of one's beliefs on this matter; it's subjective. Each of us lives within his/her truth and out of that truth are projected beliefs about the essence of being and the meaning or absence of meaning in being. The atheist and the agnostic stand on no firmer a ground of logic than the theist; the atheist because he/she can't present logical explanations for the origins or order of the world, the agnostic because he/she excludes himself/herself from the discussion by way of declaring that he/she knows nothing.
  4. And so on...

    No offense to the OP here, who admits that there is no proof and it is simply a matter of faith.
  5. and following behind him were Althuser and Levinas.....
  6. Speaking of intuition, there is a Voice Who teaches universally about the chaotic origins of form.

    Even so, I could translate, and bring the laws of chaos to light, but they could not be understood. Such laws are not meaningful and so are out of reasons sphere. Yet such laws rule this world, what is built on top of the chaos.

    Here are the laws that rule this world.

    1. The belief that the truth is different for everyone.
    2. The belief that everyone is guilty of a crime, and therefore deserves attack, punishment and death. The belief the guilt is beyond correction, irrevocable, unforgivable.
    3. God is the enemy who causes this misery, to whom appeal is useless. So there is no escape and no help.
    4. The belief that you have what you have taken, so that another's loss becomes your gain. The belief that there is only value in what is taken. That something of value has been taken from you.
    5. The belief there is a substitute for love.

    These laws form the solid ground upon which all walk and think themselves sane. These laws form the bodies that seem to walk on solid ground.

    The first four laws make for a savage world in which the kind cannot survive, and so they must take or be taken from. They set up a mind-set that believes others are hiding something of value that they've taken from you, some secret treasure that must be treacherously hidden in their body. And this demands their death that their killer may live.

    The fifth law makes it all worth it, and justifies all vengeful attacks. It is the magic that promises to cure all pain. It is the missing factor in all the madness that makes the world "sane". The substitute for love is the secret ingredient that would give meaning to life. Only, it is hidden in malice in another's body and veiled that you may not see it. All relationships have the purpose of seizing it and owning it.

    These laws are seen up and down the food chain, in war, in the business world, and in "love".

    The forms may vary, and some may be valued more than others, but all rest on the belief that the laws of chaos are the laws of order, and that they are true.

    The gentler forms of the attack are equally effective in their result, and so equally convincing the laws are true.

    Whatever form illusions take, they all bring fear because of the beliefs they imply.

    There would be no form at all without these beliefs. And this includes the "beautiful", highly-valued forms.

    It's all a set-up to take you down to the grave, again and again.

    The purpose of these laws is to hold in place a substitute for Heaven. They hide the truth of Being.

  7. To put things in perspective, this world started with a kind of idea made famous by Monte Python:

    "And now for something completely different"

    One Self is our reality. And this world is a joke.