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  1. Advanced Analogic Tech. AATI... Down from $9 Stoney spots a value play on a stock that has no earnings! Ha but they do have $107 mln in cash and a market cap of $243 mln! I noticed Renaissance Technologies a NY-based hedge fund started by Jim Simons in 1982. Its $5 billion Medallion Fund has averaged 35% annual returns, after fees, since 1989, and is considered in the industry to be the most successful hedge fund... does own this.

    Also consider Advanced Analogic Technologies had $11 million in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) over the past 12 months, and Wall Street believes earnings are going to go up to 16 cents a share in 2007 and to 35 cents in 2008 -- where it would trade at eight times earnings, if you back out the cash. Bam!

    Also, the company has met or exceeded analyst expectations in each of the past four quarters, and they also expect revenue to go up a healthy 30% from 2007 to 2008 -- from $93 million in 2007 to $124 million in 2008.

    Hedge fund Citadel also owns Advanced Analogic Technologies. The company seems undervalued based on its potential cash flow and growth rate for the next five years.

    Took a 1700 share position today.
  2. Hi folks anyone got a handle on why this is up 13% afterhours? I can't find any info. Who played this idea with me?
    After Hours: 7.65 0.91 (13.50%) as of 4:44pm ET on 02/26/07
    Last Trade: 6.74
    Trade Time: 4:00PM ET
    Change: 0.25 (3.85%)
  3. Wow I'd like to nominate myself and this stock for taking the biggest overall hit yesterday. it finished @
    $6.30 down like 6%!!!

    Remember it was UP 13% in the pre:: combined pain>
    19% & a reversal! I went from so happy to so sad yesterday with this play....
  4. I think I faired a little bit worse with OPBL Stoney... its all good though because thats an investment for me.

    Anways, this stock has come back to some support at ~$6, do you still like it?
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    May I ask what if anything do you know about Leucadia National Bank? LUK

    The market has been clobbered and its making new highs. Do you have any interest or info?


  6. Tommymoose I still got the sucker it's so frustrating it was THIS close to being off to the races and this stinking correction caught it. Of course market sentiment changes and people may flood to larger names> will the momentum come back to this play? I sent the name to a technician pro I'll post what he said got to dig it up.

    Back with LUK always interested in relative outperforming stocks!
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    I'm gonna watch AATI it seems interesting.
  8. It's interesting. In the past you would have said this LUK was the ultimate hedge against a declining economy is this b/o saying that too us again?

    But there's another take which i find fascinating maybe it's not a rush to stability and safety but a comment on private Equity! I bet interest in their stock parallels the recent Fortress IPO!

    For the most part, LUK picks up seriously wounded companies, brings them back to health, and then sells them for big profits -- again, and again, and again. Leucadia does real estate deals. They buy insurance companies. They buy wineries. They buy industrial companies. They own a bank. They buy finance companies. They buy power companies in foreign countries, and a lot more. All sounds good to the stonedinvestor.

    LUK is very good to their shareholders. and would make a great IRA holding I would think.

    LUK's annual reports. They are filled with all sorts of neat information and witty asides that we guarantee will make you a better investor.

    Cummings and Steinberg (known as C&S to those that know them) own 20 plus percent of LUK themselves, so they are not going anywhere. That's good for you, if you are a LUK shareholder.

    >This summer there has a been some notable insider buying. Two directors bought shares worth about $534.000 at an average price of $25.74, a level close to the present quote.

    >One of the major assets items is a net Deferred Tax Assets worth about 1 billion > In 2005, following the sale of their telecom company WilTel to Level 3, Leucadia kept some assets in hands including this Deferred Tax Assets. Since WilTel has accumulated about $5.1 bil. losses it accrued a credit on future federal income taxes of about $1.0 bil. which can be used to offset Leucadia profits on future investments at certain conditions for a period of about 20 years.

    >> so even when these guys lose they win! Management is there until 2105 at least- contracts expire then.

    > about the only neg I could find is a $91 mil. investment to rebuild the Hard Rock Biloxi casino and hotel completely destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.
    Not sure how the change in management at Hard Rock might affect that contract-- would have to see the papers.

    Everyone is comparing these guys to Buffett so in that sense it's a no brainer in the long run it will work out-- they do better in distressed times because they buy falling apart situations but NOW maybe it's going to be the golden posterchild of Private Equity Investing and perhaps it can find deals in a powerful economy as well!

    Hope This Helps> I'm going to think about it strongly. ~SI
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    Thanks for the help.

    It all looks very good. I'm looking to add. Been buying since $27. Strength in light of overall market weakness is a screening tool I like to use. When the markets tank I'm working hard....
  10. Atta boy! I'll give you one other with a lot of sex to it.

    ONXX. Think about it the damn thing does a $14 vertical spike or whatever I'm just shooting from the hip here I was going to do a big thread about it this weekend. Anyway it roots up at the higher level Island in the sky pattern for sure. Now much more good news has come out about this stock the patient population has grown for their collaborative effort with BAY. And the numbers are so large it makes sense for BAY to buy them out at a hefty premium. So I shudder to look because I took a 1/2 position the day before el crasho but I don't think it's down more than a buck... primed for upside I would say. If it were to put on a new high with some buyout whispers it would be outperforming the bio index in a big way.
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