Id like to put in my official protest against the nick "TudorJones"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by michaelscott, May 25, 2007.

  1. This is very ridiculous. This guy is OBVIOUSLY not tudorjones and he lists the tudorjones website in his profile along with the email address. Then he acts like he is the actual TudorJones.

    Its one thing to have a silly nick, but to impersonate a living hedge fund manager is outright fraud and so wrong.
  2. I agree, that guy is such a pompous blowhard. Self proclaimed best trader around but I'm sure everyone thinks he's a joke, cant take idiots like that seriously.
  3. "Only losers impersonate losers....":D

  4. Get a life.
  5. how do you know its not him? stranger things have happened on elitetrader.

    :D :D :D
  6. Thank God there's no famous Trader or HF manager by the name of "Michael Scott"!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The nickname michaelscott comes from that tv show, but im not claiming to be the guy from the tv show. Michaelscott is a fictional TV character anyway so Im not impersonating anyone from real life.

    I just think its ridiculous for this guy TudorJones to come on here and act like he is the REAL TudorJones. Is he trying to be funny or pulling some kind of fraud. Who knows? Its simply wrong and I wouldnt want someone impersonating myself on any website using my real name.

    Actually, the use of his name without his permission is a civil tort and may have criminal implications if its used in a fraudulent manner. I bet if I emailed the real tudor, his attorney could very easily slap a subpoena on this website.
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