I'd like to move from Middle to front office

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by MikeArmitage, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I am current working in Middle Office futures but am looking to move into trading. I am excellent on computers and have advanced VBA programming as well as an active knowlegde of Futures. I have a keen interset in the financial markets and i learn very quickly. I've been noticed in every job i've had as exceeding my potential and i'd like to dovote myself to a career in the front office trading environment.

    What's my best course of action?

  2. jtnet


    1. put your desk toys in a box
    2. walk to front of office
    3. open box
    4. dump stuff on desk


    i dont know what middle and front office means lol
  3. syrre


    Welcome to the forum Mike.

    You already know some of my thoughts on this.
    I am sure you will get some more helpful pointers than the one from jtnet (lol).

    Br. ES
  4. gaj


    if your current job doesn't offer advancement to trading possibilities, find a firm which does. you should be getting headhunter calls already if you're in nyc/chicago/other major cities; this time, take them. find a hunter who's not pushy (hard to do, i know).

    be willing to start in middle office in the new firm, with trading advancement later.

    the above is if you're in your 20s. if you're older, you may have to try to take a trading desk at a lesser firm, to make an eventual jump, or do prop on the side to try and come back in.

    i think that's what you're asking? i knew one middle office person who went to the desk, but he knew he always wanted to trade, and the company gave him the opportunity when it presented itself.
  5. mshok


    do you live in chicago....i am looking for someone to come in and trade prop money on a system...salary + % of profits
  6. No I live in the UK just outside of London unfortunately, that sounds like a great oppertunity.

    Thanks for your interest though

  7. Where do you work, Mike and what is your role? PM me if you want a straight up conversation regarding all this.