I'd go investigate covert actions any day with this Syrian chick

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  1. I'd go investigate covert actions any day with this Syrian chick


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  2. Mvector


    Fallujah is now a "depleted uranium" hell thanks to the US and Britts - DU rounds used in all the conflicts there have poisoned everything, top soil, ground water, sick stuff. One of the highest rates of birth defects in the world now - as in other parts of Iraq thanks to the same DU hell that is tearing up our soldiers - over 300,000 with DU releated illness.
  3. 377OHMS


    Same Fallujah where US civilian contractors were massacred, dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge?

    Tough to feel any pity towards the inhabitants of that town.
  4. Yeah, I'm sure the 99% population, kids and babies included, deserve to have their lives destroyed. I suppose you leave your spoiling and decayed food items for your neighbors kids and dogs to eat if they ever did you wrong.

    Come on, I don't think you really feel that way. Right? I understand your hatred of the bad guys, I feel the same way, but the innocent shouldn't have to be massacred as well. I know the answer is 'collateral" damage or whatever, but that's still not the American way, is it?

    Would be like dropping an atomic bomb to kill OBL, lose a few thousand innocents, but what the hell? We, as Americans, have always tried to keep our fighting focused on the oppositions military, not the civilians. WE should do our best to clean up after ourselves.

  5. Go there and clean it up if that's bothering you
  6. Used to having other people clean up after you? Pretty sad. I think even Smoky the Bear would be upset with you. When you grow up, you learn that you shouldn't rely on others to clean up after you.

  7. 377OHMS


    Why would a responsible parent chose to raise kids in an area that is contaminated? The Marines emptied that town. Those folks chose to come back. An good parent would move to another town.

    Frankly that whole town should have been sown with mines and cluster munitions so that it could never be occupied again. The whole town was full of terrorists.
  8. pspr


    Who needs her when America's got tallent!

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  9. Why would a responsible Country leave their mess to kill other innoncent people? And you actually believe that the town was 'full' of terrorists? The bad guys, around the world, littered land mines everywhere, and the 'good guys', supposedly us, have been working for decades to clear them.

    And maybe, just maybe, the innoncent people had no where else to go? Not everyone is as rich and mobile as perhaps you are.

    Look, I just think leaving such waste, whether there or in New Jersey, is not the right thing to do.

  10. 377OHMS


    The Marines thought that literally every 3rd person was an insurgent. The were proved to be correct when they cleared the entire population out of the town and only a fraction actually returned and claimed their homes and property after the battle.

    I do question the use of depleted uranium munitions though. The insurgents had no armored vehicles or revetments or bunkers so it isn't clear why the USMC could not have used non-AP munitions.

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