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  1. narley


    has anyone used the ICWR method for day trading?
    is a combination of Eliott Wave and Fib ratios,it is old and dont know if people still use it
  2. ICWR?
    I Can't Win Regularly?
    Oh yeah, use it everyday!:D
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  4. To the OP, from what I read a while back it's a revamp of a very old and actually quite effective strategy. (Cue TraderZones to tell us all in BIG letters that anything remotely connected with Fibonacci doesn't 'work' and that anyone who dares to use it against his advice is basically stoopid!)

    If you're interested there was a 126-page .pdf book doing the rounds a while back called (strangely enough) ICWR Forex Trading Strategy which went into it in some depth complete with chart illustrations and examples, if you can't find a copy let me know and I'll upload it somewhere.
  5. lol, c'mon we know that ain't true :D
  6. Just speaking the truth is all :D
  7. narley


    i have seen the ICWR book,im new to forex and didnt if it was any good.what is TraderZones if you dont mind explaining.
    thank you for the post
  8. I believe this thread has peaked.
  9. That's a very good question! TraderZones and his many aliases are a phenomenon which has baffled psychiatrists the world over for a long time, he's got a lot to say without actually saying anything if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, may I suggest you read the book and then make up your own mind about ICWR, it may suit you, it may not. Fibonacci levels can be used extremely effectively in a strategy as amytrade clearly demonstrated in this thread.
  10. Here's the direct link to download the free book if anyone is interested, it saves having your email harvested by this clown and being redirected to some scam trading software scam!

    free forex ebook download link (197.3 KB), without the spam! :D
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