iCOT intraday indicator : reversal on going ?

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  1. I'm a fan of COT analysis : actually I love to study COT reports and positioning.

    recently I subscribed to iCOT indicator where they introduce it as the approximate intraday COT chart.
    As per the iCOT description : it is an intraday technical indicator trying to simulate and approximate COT reports.

    tbh : I got amazed by how accurate to pinpoint major reversal points.

    here I got screenshot from youtube video they introduce :

    here a screenshot for how they measure extremes of commercial/speculators on intraday timeframes : https://paste.pics/BYVR0

    i will keep posting charts for different symbols catching my eye.


    If you are interested in any symbol : please ask and I will share its chart.
    lets see it.
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    Amazing for a first "unsolicited" post recommending a piece of software. :rolleyes:
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  3. Am similar to you : get upset by indicators but this iCOT opened different view for me.

    look how it showed on eurusd


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    Wow so amazing. You can probably upgrade your wife to something 20years younger now!
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  5. Reversal on CL $OIL
    Yes : you can't always be accurate but the risk/reward is good enough when using iCOT.
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  6. iCOT indicator showed major reversals on $RIOT.
    $RIOT : it is a company stocks working in bitcoin.
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    are you selling this product
    or are you trying to teach others how to use this product / trade?
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    Take a wild guess.
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    Let the COT man answer the Q.

    I guess he will come up with another new nick, and another great indicator.
  10. I'm just a subscriber for iCOT.

    I'm old subscriber to cotbase since 2016 but recently they introduce this iCOT on intraday charts : and it is a real risk/reward edge.
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