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    Hi - In this thread I will post my plays for ES using the Japanese indicator, Ichimoku.
    /ES call and play

    In at 1074.75. Closed my position at 1082 although I'm still not seeing a sell signal on the 1min or 5 min. Wanted to take profits.

    For this play, I looked at the hourly and checked off my buy signals 1 by 1.
    THen I watched the 1 and 5 minute for entry and got in on the cloud break and SSA/SSB bull cross as we already had a TS/KS bull cross and a CS run.

    Then I just watched for a TS/KS bear cross on the 5 minute as my sell signal. Never got it but took the profits anyways.

    1 minute

    5 minute
  2. tortoise


    that chart makes my head hurt
  3. joe4422


    yeah, but look how much money you can easily make once you master this indicator of all indicators. I can't believe it's free.

    We all better use it before Goldman finds out. They'll make it not work.
  4. IchibomB


    Ignorance is bliss.

    Like learning a new language, it may seem confusing and difficult at first. You may get it over time though, bud. Keep it up, Joe!

    Even though I didn't get the sell signal, I took profits because I don't like holding overnight, obvious troll.

    Get a clue buddy and don't be mad.

    Also, the indicator isn't magic. You can make money just using a simple moving average if you know what you're doing.

    Maybe I have something to learn from you. I'll check out your posts...
  5. Looks like the ES is experiencing aurora borealis

  6. IchibomB


    Hi Fireplace, yes I see that it ES made some more moves. As I mentioned I didn't see a sell signal but I didn't want to hold overnight or through the weekend.

    Hourly is still bullish. 5 minute is a neutral hold at the moment.
  7. IchibomB


    SPX Index question from another forum

    "Question: Looking at a daily chart of the sp-500, the flat part of the cloud to the right would be considered resistance?...approx 1130, and another one at 1144?"

    My response:

    "at 1130.29, the top of the cloud, yes.

    but as a trader, that's not important right now.

    As a trader, we know we're bearish on the daily overall but rising. So we look to the hourly and the 5 minute. Hourly and 5 minute are bullish. If you missed your IN and are not holding you should look to the 5 minute for an entry. As long as we stay bullish on the hourly, we have to wait on the 5 minute for entry.

    I say your "IN" because timing your entry is the most important part of trading Ichimoku (maybe the most important part of trading overall)

    I wouldn't look to short until the hourly shows us a short. Otherwise, the bearish trend we're in on the daily is still rising in the bulls favor."
  8. joe4422


    I don't mean to be negative, but I try to help newbies by showing bull shit to be bull shit.

    Could I ask you, have you actually made money using this?
  9. MXtrader


    ICHI, Show some charts to illustrate the points you are making and the trades you are taking. We don't have this system so we can't follow the logic.
  10. tortoise


    In all seriousness, your thread prompted me to take a look at Ichimoku. It's interesting.

    Thanks for attempting to start a constructive conversation.
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