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  1. starting a Journal for mostly options plays -- - but also futures and equities will be included-- as favorable swing/position trades are identified. May do some day trading of options but most positions will last from 3-60 days. Will trade options on indexes and equities.

    I had posted some option plays on multi_option's thread that fortunately worked out well, and also had some good dialogue with other traders -- but that thread is really designed for him to post his option plays, and so I will continue to read that thread with interest. Hopefully some of the posters from that thread will offer some input and/or feel free to post suggested (option) trades of theirs' on here as well (only let's keep the b.s. to a minimum). :D

    I will elaborate more as this Journal unfolds --- as to my thinking, criteria and pertinent factors of each position -- and will update subsequent repair/management strategies (if any).

    Will try to post details of each trade - and then will seek to analyze the character of each so as to assess the efficacy thereof in order to improve future performance.

  2. I'm here!:)
  3. welcome
  4. putting VLO on radar screen for long entry - even though it might trade lower here- and short of underlying might yield results-- not going to enter short via put options at this level given it has entered the gap from 10/28/05 and could easily reverse with downside maybe <2 points, for the time being.
  5. going to enter order buying (10) VLO dec 115c @1.65 -day- (1.95/2.05 currently)

    and then 'leg' into backspread on any subsequent move higher (if filled on 115c) - by selling Dec 110c
  6. mhashe


    Hey ice. Are you still watching NIHD? it seems more like absorbtion than distribution right now. Maybe wait for a breakdown below 82 to buy PUTS.
  7. yes

    stock is trading split adjusted Nov 22nd so that's a concern for shorting it - before then

    actually thinking about adding 85 or 90c
  8. scaling into VLO Dec 115c @ 1.55- 1.70 (vlo lc )

    Selling 1 Dec 110 call for every 3.5 Dec 115c

    stock could trade lower from this level (101.7) - maybe another 1-2 points into gap-- perhaps below100 -
  9. At current prices -- not target prices of course --, you are spending $2.45 for a 3:1 spread. What's got you so bullish on oil at this point into the end of the year?

  10. OK- traded back to <100

    lowered bids to 1.25/1.35 on some
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