Icelandic Bank Rip-Off: Behind the Scenes

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    Icelandic Bank Rip-Off: Behind the Scenes

    Thursday, November 20, 2008

    EARLY IN September 2008, four weeks before the country went bankrupt, the President of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, made a "private visit" to Israel, accompanied by his well-connected Israeli wife, Dorrit Moussaieff.

    Well-connected, you say? Well, her family own a big chunk of the 'Bukhari' quarter in Jerusalem, established by her great-grandfather Shlomo Moussaieff who settled there from Uzbekistan in 1893.

    Her father, also called Shlomo, is a jewellery dealer in London who supplies sparkling objects to Arab royalty. An average necklace at his store in the London Hilton Hotel costs more than a million US dollars. Ahem: Also on his CV is a spell in a reform school for robbing antiquities from graves.

    Here's a source for the Israel visit in September [link]. Of course, we are not implying any skulduggery (or skull-diggery either).

    But: When you think how Peter Mandelson and Paul Myners (from Rothschilds and Marks and Spencer respectively) were dropped into senior UK Government positions as 'men of the moment' to deal with the recent financial upheavals, it makes you think. You've got to wonder what's next on the agenda.

    S.L. writes:

    I WAS struck that the President/Prime Minister of Iceland has a Jewish wife. I recall, even within the text of such «careful» publications as National Geographic Magazine (which had a member of the Rockefeller family on it's board of directors for an number of years), that, to qualify for permanent residency in Iceland, one had to: 1) convert to Lutheranism, 2) "Icelandize" one's name. In order to qualify for citizenship. The presence of an Israeli Jew in Iceland really is an legal, administrative, as well as a sectarian anomaly.

    Furthermore, in order to preserve the what may only be termed the "racial hygiene" of the population, I recall, that when as an undergraduate I worked quite some years ago now as a rigger for a telecommunications company in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Southwestern Ontario, one of the company's drivers, who had previously served in the Royal Canadian Navy as an diver, told me that when foreign military vessels (which, in the context of the conversation, must have been American), called at Reykjavik, Black crew members had to remain aboard. There was no shore side "liberty" for them. The Icelanders wouldn't stand for it.

    I wonder what administrative/sectarian dispensation must have been sought in order to get her into the country. I think an act of the Icelandic Parliament, the "Allthing", may well have been necessary. I doubt whether this person is an regular attendent at the monstrously ugly Lutheran cathedral in Reykjavik.


    Also see:

    International banking charade bankrupts Iceland, predators buying up assets at fire sale prices


    Icelanders Attack Police Station as Bankster Plan Unfolds

    By Kurt Nimmo

    In October, the CBC reported on the “exceedingly polite protest” in Iceland as the bankers looted the country. A placard at a demo outside of Iceland’s parliament in Reykjavik stated: “Stay calm while we rob you.” CBC asked: “How long will these people stay polite about their losses?”

    It now appears they are no longer polite, even for Icelanders. Last Saturday, protesters angry over the 50 percent devaluation of the Krona and the impending third worldization of their small country clashed with police. “Police clashed with hundreds of protesters outside a police building Saturday, and several demonstrators were sent to the hospital with injuries,” reported the Associated Press. “Police used pepper spray after protesters tried to break down a door of the police building in the Icelandic capital. The demonstrators demanded that a fellow protester being held by police since Friday be allowed to go home.”

    According to the Associated Press, the “demonstrators blame the government for having failed to adequately oversee the banking industry.” In fact, many Icelanders blame the government not for overseeing the banking industry but working in a cahoots with it to loot the country. Iceland’s politicos are no different than their counterparts in Europe and the United States: they are sock puppets for the global elite who are determined to crash the global economy country by country and buy up goodies for pennies on the dollar.

    Iceland is a test case for things to come. In the months ahead, the banksters and their political minions will take down fragile economies in Hungary, the Baltic States, and other Eastern European nations, followed soon enough in western Europe and the United States. Iceland is in the process of begging for assistance from the globalist loan sharking operation, the International Monetary Fund, thus setting itself up to be looted further. “We are ready to answer any demand by countries facing problems,” declared the IMF’s boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

    “An IMF intervention in Iceland, which would necessarily involve accepting a series of harsh measures to restore fiscal and monetary stability, would underline the extraordinary reversal in the country’s fortunes after a decade-long, debt-fueled binge by the country’s banks, businesses and some private citizens,” the International Herald Tribune reported on October 9.

    Debt is an efficient tool for leveling economies and decimating living standards. Monetary and fiscal austerity, privatization, and financial “liberalization” — as in neoliberalization — is no longer strictly for Africa and the third world, it is a prescription that will be imposed on first world nations as well. Iceland is a harbinger of things to come in New York, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, and elsewhere in the developed world.

    On the day the grocery stores in America are as bare as they are in Iceland, the ensuing riots will be anything but polite.