Icelanders holding MAJOR protest over management of ecomomy

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  1. Protesters in Iceland's capital Reykjavik have clashed with police during a demonstration over the handling of the financial crisis.

    Several hundred protesters gathered outside the city's main police station to demand the release of a man jailed in a previous demonstration.

    Five people were injured when police used pepper spray to disperse the group after some tried to storm the building.

    Iceland faces a sharply contracting economy over the financial collapse.

    The group outside the police station broke away from a much larger group of several thousand people who had gathered outside parliament to demand the government's resignation.

    Some in the group tried to storm the police building.
  2. That's a harbinger of things to happen elsewhere on a larger-scale. :eek:
  3. Geez. I've heard the term "bllod in the streets" to refer to major market downward moves....but his takes it to a new meaning.

    Well if the Government won't make those responsible pay with blood for the financial disaster then the Government will pay with blood!

    Don't be surprised if the current DC cronies get washed out by voters at the next election.