Iceland Volcano

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    Does anyone not think this volcano can disrupt the markets here. I think going into the weekend if the planes are still grounded in Europe, which they are expected to be the news will play this up as the long term implications will come appearent.

    This could carry on for months affecting airlines, tourism, agriculture (crop damage) etc. By Monday it could be bigger news.

    Any thoughts
  2. It's hard to tell how long it will continue to erupt. Now right Greece has until the end of May, 2010 to come up with billions of dollars. Even if they have the money, IMF representatives are going Monday to speak to the Greek government. Greek bonds kept on going down even after news they would get a bailout.

    I suppose there are risks in the following weeks, just difficult to say exactly what kind of impact they'll have. The Chinese may raise their currency to prevent a real estate bubble, the Eurocrisis, and finally fear from the Goldman Sachs lawsuit. If the "Gold Standard" is being sued by the SEC are there more to come? Who else could get sued? This may have an impact on confidence. If you look at prices going up and down like an S shape, I think it may be safer to take profits while the prices are still at the top of the S and get back in at the bottom of an S.
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    I've heard of V shaped markets.. U, W etc.. not an S.. any further explanation would be appreciated

    Thanks, regards - Subu
  4. According to some geologists, the current eruption may be only the precursor of a much bigger one in the weeks or months to come. If this happens, it could affect air traffic and weather for many months, maybe even years.

    Yes, I think the economic impact could be quite devastating.
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    More floods from melting waters are expected as long as the volcano keeps erupting — and in 1821, the same volcano managed to erupt for more than a year.
  6. it all comes down to how much ash the sucker can puke out. they are saying that not much more is expected. once the ash is gone, it is all business as usual. but the volcano can keep on going for a while without any effect on other countries.
  7. To get techtonic about it, we need to cut back on the baking soda regarding the earth's crust.

    Our pool here in AZ has been jiggling a little lately and the temperature is going up for some reason too.
  8. Last time the volcano erupted it was fuming for TWO YEARS! So, yes, I don't expect it to cool off any time soon. This is just the beginning of a major economic disruption (I hope I am wrong). US market is ready for 10% correction: GS + volcano + Greece = good excuse for profit taking on Monday.

    Personally, I hope the volcano will stop spitting up fumes today, because I'm traveling to Europe in two weeks.
  9. the world possibly is about to face a major earthquake. it seems every month there is 7 or higher earthquake somewhere or/and a volcano. the good news is that most likely it won't hit a highly populated area, but there is a possibility of a gigantic tsunami that could wipe out many.
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