Iceland Krona

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  1. Any dealer giving quotes on Iceland Krona (ISK)?

    Bloomberg story on 10/09/2008 says last trade was 340 Krona per Euro.

    "The bid/ask spread for the krona against the euro, or the price at which traders are willing to buy or sell, was 225 per euro to 400 per euro as of 11:52 a.m. in Reykjavik, according to Antje Praefcke, a currency analyst in Frankfurt at Commerzbank AG, Germany's second-largest lender."
  2. Good luck with that, i cant get a qoute on huf, czk, skk and pln, but i am short nok and sek but spreads are bouncing all over the place.
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    Maybe Saxo? They used to have some exotic pairings last time I looked but that was over a year ago.

  4. CMC Markets

  5. ECB is quoting 305 ISK to Euro on 10/10/2008.
  6. No trading market in ISK again today.

    ECB is still quoting 305 ISK to Euro today as on 10/10/2008.
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  8. I doubt that 148.26/152.26 ISK/EUR is a real market. I'd love to sell 300+ million ISK at that quote, but CMC doesn't take customers from the USA.
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    LONDON, Oct 13 (Reuters) - A week after its banking system, economy and currency entered meltdown, Iceland's crown currency is essentially untradeable in international markets with its true value impossible to calculate.
  10. There is no doubt about the financial problems of Iceland right now, but wouldn't a long-term short trade be very risky regarding ongoing negotiations where Iceland might get some extended credit by some helping nations? The recent volatility also makes difficult other types of trades, and with the strong effects that this turmoil has had on the ISK - it seems like an extremely risky currency to be trading - no less levering trades.

    I would not trade ISK, not even scalping... not unless I "knew" something for sure was going to happen.
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