Iceland Central Bank Receives 4 Billion Euro Loan From Russia

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  1. I wonder what the Russians would do if a Western government would invest in a Russian bank. Launch nukes?

    Iceland Central Bank Receives 4 Billion Euro Loan From Russia

    Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Russia agreed to lend Iceland's central bank 4 billion euros ($5.43 billion) to inject liquidity into the financial system, the bank said.

    The loan will run over three to four years and cost as much as 50 basis points, or 0.5 of a percentage point, more than Libor.

    Russia's central bank declined to comment immediately.

    Iceland's Financial Supervisory Authority said today that it had taken control of Landsbanki Islands hf, the country's second-largest lender. Kaupthing Bank hf, the largest bank, said the central bank had agreed to lend it 500 million euros.
  2. Is Iceland going bankrupt?
  3. Daal


    they are pegging their currency! how on earth can it possibly hold. they need to borrow a printing press from the ECB to hold the peg
  4. The international banking cartel destroyed Iceland trough the carry trade and now the Russians step up the plate to fight back.

    Russia, the land of the free and the home of the brave!
  5. According to rumours, Norway are also ready to extend help to Iceland. That should probably be a secure path forward for Iceland with Russian loans already in place - although the financial sector of Iceland is heavily leveraged.

    I guess they will never starve - with all those fishing resources around them.

    according to Bloomberg - loans from Russia are NOT in place yet.