Iceland car sales down 88%.

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    Car sales across Europe fell to their lowest level in 20 years last month with a drop of 27 per cent.

    All countries suffered substantial losses although there were stark differences between them.

    France proved most resilient in terms of the drop in its market with a fall of 7.9 per cent while Germany, the Continent’s biggest seller, experienced a 14.2 per cent fall. The decline in the British market, published last week, was 30.9 per cent.

    Dramatic falls were experienced in some countries. In Iceland sales crashed by 88 per cent. Latvia saw a 77.5 per cent fall and the Irish Republic’s market slumped 66 per cent.


    Can't believe it.

    Who the hell still has money in Iceland to buy a car?
  2. charts


    .. lawyers?
  3. Not Icelandic lawyers...maybe European or American.
  4. Maybe it's just been a particularly cold winter. I grew up in North Dakota and there were certainly weeks where it would have been almost unimaginable to buy a car.

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    just drop them to what people can afford and sales skyrocket...

    you may not make any money, but sales skyrocket :D
  6. Iceland is so tiny, who has "its" right mind to own a car there, except taxi driver.
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    Absence of credit. In Thailand Mercedes sales went from 12,000/year to 800 just after the '97 crisis.
  8. Iceland is not tiny. With land area of 103,00 square KM Iceland is larger than countries such as Hungary, Portugal, Serbia, Austria, Czech Republic and Ireland.
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    Sure it has a land mass three times that of MA but only 1/3 of the population of Boston.
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    Iceland? who needs a car on island? what about moped or bicycles sales? :)
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