Iceberg orders with IB

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  1. Victory5


    Hi all,

    I've been using the IB booktrader a lot for my futures trades and while its not close to what TT offers, its passable for what i'm trying to do.

    However, i've been unable to find a way to get icebergs to work properly. I see options to add a disclosed size in the order management window (outside of booktrader) and I see an option within the booktrader window to modify your orders disclosed size after you enter it....which of course is pointless.

    Basically what i'm looking for is a way to click into the ladder to sell x futures with display size y, similar to what you can do in TT.

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  2. gaussian


    To this day it remains a mystery why people post questions like this instead of calling their trade desk.

    I guess having enough money for iceberg orders doesn't imply having enough IQ to read a manual or call the trade desk. You know, the people who make a profession out of the software you're using.
  3. jys78


    Because internet randoms are going to be faster and better informed than dedicated staff actually working at the company in question... wut?!
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  4. tommcginnis


    I think you mean icecubes, but honestly, I've not heard of people trading that way. Maybe when you start trading in quantities that take an hour or two to clear -- or drop/hike price appreciably -- you might find more accommodating software.

    Til then, put your icecubes in a glass and take your gin (un)neat.
  5. henry76


    I don't know why your giving the guy a hard time , seems like an honest question to me , I use some of IB's algos etc sometimes , some seem to work some don't, I think there are maybe a lot of order entry algos out there?
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  6. tommcginnis


    It's like worrying about the angle of a rear spoiler on a front-wheel-drive car that you intend to drive sportingly: you've got other *much* more important things to worry about, in order to stay safe. Spending your time inappropriately will get you killed.
  7. henry76


    It's more like asking where you can get cheaper petrol , it's not life or death but if it saves a couple of quid , why not .
  8. TommyR


    i saw this thread by the elite, about 2% a day then i saw 1.8% a day and suddenly i couldnt breath. have u seen this thread?
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    the elite know in a sense. they spend their time trying to get something from this nonsense because they have a deep sense that they were on this planet to suck cock and its not worth trying to delay it. imagine coming on here thinking hmm let me steal something. thats the essense of the elite. a hopelessness or nothingness. i would liken it to a vast set of useless trading algorithms written in python, or anything said on here not by me. and its funny how these amstaard supersmart traaders nat giiving too much away in case. seriously imagine.
  10. henry76


    now I'm confused
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