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  1. Elevator shaft with an open door.
  2. It 's a very volatile stock like most IPO's, I know what I am talking about got shaken out before the run
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    you get what you pay for, highly volatile thin stock

  4. Well, the thing has had a hell of a run.
    What kills me is that my buddy is a natty trader in Atlanta and he got some IPO..he said he could get me a few but it was at short notice and I couldn't get him the funds in time. Doh!
  5. 2) DJC 10:03 =DJ Nymex,CME Reignite Talks To Team Up On Energy,Technology
    3) DJC 10:02 *DJ CME Would Benefit From Exposure To Nymex Energy Mkt-Sources
    4) DJC 10:01 *DJ Nymex Would Benefit From CME Technology - Sources
    5) DJC 10:00 *DJ Nymex, CME Tie-Up Would Extend Noncompete Pact - Sources
    6) DJC 10:00 *DJ Nymex, CME Close To Inking Partnership - Sources
    7) DJC 9:59 *DJ Nymex May Shift Some Energy Contracts To Globex -Sources
    8) DJC 9:58 DJ BG Group To Buy Back Shrs During Close Period
    9) DJC 9:57 *DJ Nymex,CME Reignite Talks To Team Up On Energy,Technology
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    ICE worth buying? IBD shows it as a buy.
  7. This one had a nice run up with all the other exchanges, but just got hammered with the NYMEX/CME news. Was it over done?
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    It would be hard to buy at this point. Drop was due to them likely to lose a lot of the electronic energy business to CME/NYMEX.

    It's possible CME/NYMEX could merge in the future.

    But CME seems pretty pricey at the moment.

    Maybe buy an ETF/mutual fund that tracks the leaders like NYX, CME, NDAQ. BOT, ICE could round it out.
  9. I do not think there is such a fund but one can
    create a basket of these names in the biz
    of trading ...

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