ICE vs CME Clearing and Exchange Fees

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by charlieThomas, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. I getting ready to start shopping for a new broker because my current broker does not support the TF contract (russell 2000 ice) on the Ninjatrader platform.

    Round turn CME Clearing, Exchange and Nfa at my broker is $2.30. I'm assuming this is what everyone pays unless you have some sort of exchange seat/lease deal.

    What is ICE charging to Round turn the TF contract?

    If ICE fees are less (or more) than the CME's, does your broker charge a different total fee for the TF vs say ES?

  2. Here's ICE fees...

    Remember, commissions are negotiable at A LOT of brokerages. A rule of thumb... if the broker provides a published rate card, chances are, that broker will NOT negotiate. A decent starting point for ALL-IN (fees included) commissions IMO, is the published, non-negotiable, rate card at MBTrading. No quota, available to anyone off the street. (Not necessarily a broker recommendation however)...