ICE / nmx /etc

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  1. look at all these exchanges (in particular ICE) -- any clue what is going on here?

    is the bet that hedge funds will suffer, thus trade less?

    Looking like a great buy here.
  2. ICE already had its run

    3 year chart shows a huge doubletop which is very bad
  3. I think NMX in particular was pumped by takeover speculation and the credit crunch damped that to some extent.
  4. Came into past tues looking to play the stock long, but reversed bias on it after seeing no real rush by shorts to lighten: only bounce it has made on this breakdown was because it hit a strong support level (130) right as broad market reversed on Monday (overlay chart attached). Has me thinking the only reason it's not testing 120 by now is the upward drift of the market this week.

    Not sure what's up with it. Size shorts seem to be paring ahead of the fed in just about every XLF except exchanges. So it will be the first place I look to add if we get a 25 and a thin spike up on Tues.

    Got swing short from wed midsession and plan on holding w/ stop above b/e levels (132.40 av). Will put it back on in 134 area if it does finally retrace the move
  5. Wachovia believes the threat of internalization of ICE's U.K futures business driven by an upcoming European Union directive are overblown. :

    i guess thats what knocked ICE down,whatever that means.