Ice Melting at North AND South Poles

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    I don't dispute global warning. I'll tell you what. You start a company that sells affordable solar panels and I'll buy some from you. I'd love to get off the fucking grid. And tell those fucking trash leaving OWS motherfuckers that the pollution they leave behind on the ground is no better than the people that pollute the air, as if they give a shit.

    I believe Mother Nature will take care of AGW. It won't be pleasant, but the planet has a way of balancing out temperature variances over time. I'd rather let her take care of it than a bunch of power mad progressives.
  2. brilliant. the right wing mind at work is something to behold. lets try and think it through for a change.

    if the scientists are right it could mean disaster. if the scientists are wrong what is the downside? we pay a little more for cleaner energy and we end up with cleaner air,water and a nicer enviroment. how bad is that?
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    And how did I disagree with that? You start off with insults. That makes you nothing more than a drone, unworthy of reasonable discussion.

    You don't know when someone is agreeing with you in principle any more. Seek help. Get some de-programming...stat!

    On the other hand, you would have made a great minister of propaganda for any of the murderous dictators of the last century with your constant assault on religion. I don't need the heavy hand of gov to tell me to live cleaner, I already do. Save your insults for someone who doesn’t care, like the OWS.
  4. if you dont want to be ridiculed dont say ridiculous things
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    It hasn't stopped you in your last 13000+ posts.

    I have studied climatology and meteorology, have you? No.

    I have read that some scientists want to alter the albedo of the planet? How fucking insane is that? We are nowhere near the ability to fine tune such attempts.

    When I'm content that gov isn't the driving force behind correcting man's contribution to warming, then I'll get on board. I don't dispute the science, only the current offerings of the people who want to run my life (and yours if you weren't so blind to it).
  6. WTF does OWS have to do man-made global warming?
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    Nothing. It was a metaphor. It's all pollution as far as I'm concerned. I hate pollution of all stripes. I would think that the people who give a fuck about air pollution would also care about land pollution. Am I wrong?
  8. lol. and he wonders why i ridiculed him. and to think he says he is a scientist.
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    Did I say I was a scientist? I was an Aerographer's Mate. Look it up dumb fuck. I'll help you.

    "Aerographer's Mates observe, collect, record and analyze meteorological and oceanographic data; make visual and instrument observations of weather and sea conditions; operate meteorological satellite receivers and interpret and apply satellite data; interpret and brief radar imagery and data; interpret meteorological and oceanographic codes; verify meteorological and oceanographic products; evaluate recent meteorological and oceanographic developments for integration into local routines and enter data on appropriate charts; operate ancillary equipment for the processing, dissemination and display of environmental data; perform preventive maintenance on meteorological and oceanographic equipment; prepare warnings of severe and hazardous weather and sea conditions; forecast meteorological and oceanographic conditions; and prepare and present briefings concerning current and predicted environmental conditions and their effect on operations."'s_Mate
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