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  1. TGM


    Anyone on here trading Brent Crude on ICE/IPE? I am interested in hearing your experience with trading Brent. Especially, what trading software you are using and how long you have been trading the contract. I have started trading it more and more intraday over the past month. I really like the damn thing. But ICE's software has to be the worst I have seen in a long time.
  2. rosy


    i use interactive brokers and have put on WTI/Brent spreads. Nothing intraday however. Unfortunately, ib doesn't count that as a spread and requires full margin.
  3. TGM


    I have been trading Brent on IB as well. I have not looked up the spreads. Which spreads are you trading? What are the most active spreads? Do you chart them on IB?
  4. rosy


    the spreads are not quoted; you need to leg into them. I use IB's API for indicative prices and monitoring purposes.
  5. Circle



    I'd like to get an idea on how to do this as well. Do you have some resources- articles on specific recommendation on entry and exit positions etc. Whenever I see discrepancy on spot prices, the futures appears quite stable and no room for arbs. Can I PM you on this?
  6. FredBloggs

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    how many of you will continue with ice when nymex contracts trade on globex this june?
  7. artis74


    I trade on ICE/IPE daily and use Xtrader front end. The spread are quoted directly for cal spreads. Crack spreads are not quoted directly. ICE is not terribly stable compared to CME or CBOT. I realy thought that after the ICE ipo they would put some real cash into the tech but they spent 1mm and the reliabilty during busy times is still less than stellar. I keep the ICE web front end up and ready on a seperate machine due to this.
  8. TGM


    I have up the mini on NYMEX right now. I hate the point value of the Crude mini. It is fine for swing trading but NOT as effecient for scalping. A move from 70.00 to 70.10 is only 4 ticks (at 12.50 a tick) whereas Brent or ICE WTI is 10 ticks---much more effecient. Nymex should make the mini crude -$5.00 a tick and that would make it more fungible product. They always do this nonsense to protect the floor.

    I will watch GLobex and start trading the Main Nymex front month Contract as soon as it is feasible. But I will still trade brent. I will be much happier with Globex over ICE's software. ICE's software is like Globex in 1997 ---it is horrible.
  9. TGM


    When I get the newer version of TT---I will be hooked up through them as well.

    How is it on TT?? Are you using Autospreader??? Out of curiousity, who is your broker??
  10. rosy


    sure PM me. however, i do not scalp, swing, or day trade. If you have access to OTC market you can trade the wti/brent spread as a swap through clearport or ice.
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