Ice age data bolsters greenhouse gas, warming link

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  1. Well this is quite timely considering the argument jem and I are having......

    By SETH BORENSTEIN | Associated Press – Wed, Apr 4, 2012

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The dramatic temperature increases that thawed the last ice age followed spikes in carbon dioxide levels in the air, a new study finds. Researchers say that further strengthens the scientific case explaining current man-made global warming.
    In the new study, scientists show the atmospheric concentration of that heat-trapping greenhouse gas jumped more than 40 percent. Then global temperatures went up about 6 degrees Fahrenheit (3.5 degrees Celsius).
    What is remarkable is that when the two are plotted they rise, plateau and rise again in a striking similar way with a slight lag. The warming over 6,000 years follows the greenhouse gas increase, just as scientific theory has long held.
    This is important because, until this study, the two curves weren't quite so in sync. At some points, it seemed that the temperatures warmed before the carbon dioxide levels increased, something that climate skeptics seized upon.
    How could carbon dioxide cause warming if the temperatures warmed first, argue skeptics, who are in the scientific minority.
    Earlier studies had looked at carbon dioxide levels and temperature readings from Antarctica, not the entire world. A study published Wednesday in the journal Nature estimated global temperatures using 80 different proxies — ice and mud samples from dozens of places around the world — and found that globally, temperatures clearly went up only after carbon dioxide jumped.
    "You end up with something that looks remarkably similar to the pattern of rising carbon dioxide through time," study lead author Jeremy Shankun of Harvard University said. "This, to me, seems like pretty powerful proof of theory of the connection between greenhouse gases and global warming."
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  9. Ya know, when ever I read about computer generated models of global warming I think of the rating agencies.

    Computer generated models of credit worthiness.Computer generated models of "It's a good thing and I state my case".

    At least I stopped comparing global warming to LTCM and the smartest guys in the room.

    I'll defer to Buffet - beware of geeks bearing formula's.
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