Ibuprofene Short Selling?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by verynewboy, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. If I thought there was going to be a health scare relating to Ibuprofen which company(ies) should I short? It was made by Boots years ago, but is now manufactured by many different firms.:confused:
  2. I am sure those in the know already shorted it (Efficient Market Theory) and thus it is already discounted for. Since you don't know which companies to short, I don't think it would be a worthwhile proposition for you to go forth with this.
  3. Isn't Advil the original brand name under which Ibuprofen was sold? It is marketed by a company called Wyeth. Of course, many companies are now selling the generic version.

    Is there any cause for alarm? I thought Ibuprofen was one of the better and safer pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications. Be careful. If you are going merely on spec, you may get a headache shorting the company.
  4. He probably tainted a few bottles in his hometown, and is expecting to make big bucks off the scare by getting short. Got news for you, it was already tried with tylenol years ago and they caught that perp!
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    Dang, so much for that idea. Can I write off the expenses as a failed business venture? ;)
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    wasn't that last week's news?

    if you take a ibuprofen/advil every day for six months then you significantly increase your chance of a heart attack.
  7. I believe you may be referring to Aleve. The active ingredient in that product is naproxen. Apples and oranges.
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  9. I stand corrected. I did not know that Ibuprofen was among the drugs that raised some concerns (warranted or otherwise). Thank you.