IBUK to IBIE - what's going on?

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  1. One week into the new year and the move from IBUK to IBIE still hasn't happened.

    I was so really looking forward to be rid of the annoyingly ridiculous PDT rule at last.

    Does anyone know what's going on?
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    If you are in London it may not be happening for you.
  3. I've been based in the EU for over a year, and I can't change my ET handle.

    I received the migration e-mails from IB and filled in the IBUK-IBIE consent form back in December.
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  4. I didn't know there was a PDT Rule in the UK??

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    Yes it doesn t seem my account has been moved either. Didn t execute any trade in the meantime, but placed one to check and there doesn t seem to be special restriction on the account.
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  6. Two days ago i had a chat with IB´s support. I was told the migration to Ireland will take some weeks. In the meantime i could trade as before BUT the PDT Rule is still in place till the migration was carried out.
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  7. Yes I have made several trades in US and Japanese futures and options this week without any issues. Good to know about the IBIE migration timeline and the PDT issue, thanks.
  8. Support told me we would get a notification 24 hours before the migration process has taken place.
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    Why does EU get a PDT exemption when IB U.K. when in the EU did not?
  10. Good question. In EU there never was a PDT rule. With an EU based broker you can trade how much you want but it´s expensive trading US stocks at NASDAQ or NYSE with them. High commis. and not all stocks are tradable.
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