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  1. The initial release of IBTrader, an open source order entry/simulation interface utilizing IB API is available at http://ott.sourceforge.net/
  2. Mishka


    I'm having problems with set up of this program, there is no installation file there.
    any ideas?
  3. no setup is required currently

    use the

    "Launch IBTrader with Web Start"

    or download the jar file locally and double-click on it
  4. Mishka


    that's what I did, downloaded that .jar file. If double-click on it system ask "open with" and this is as far I go.

    what I'm doing wrong?

    btw IB Trader comparable with Windows NT4?

  5. if you have Java installed (as required by TWS), than jar files are associated with java.exe

    you could also open a command prompt and run in the directory to where you downloaded the file:

    > java -jar ibtrader.jar

    did you try running the webstart version?

    it is pure Java so should be OK on NT4
  6. dis


    What can IBtrader do that TWS can not?
  7. it is certainly true that IBTrader uses TWS as its API, so whatever you can do with IBTrader you can do with TWS :)

    but the idea here is to provide an easier more failproof interface than TWS

    one could add various instruments to the contract listing with customized settings. and than trade those instruments using various panels. currently only a very simple panel is provided (but a "bracket" panel could easily be added). or a pair trading panel? the popups would provide easy access to actions on filled positions. possibilities are endless ...

    comments/contributions are welcome
  8. Mishka


    I suppose Java installed in my computer (because TWS works)

    webstart version?= I don't think so.

    can you be more specific what I need to install or can IBTrader be in different format.

  9. nitro



    This is very cool.


    nitro :cool:
  10. here is the direct URL


    In my understanding only Java and TWS is to be installed to be able to run the webstart version or the jar file

    If you run

    > java -jar ibtrader.jar

    and paste the log here, maybe it gives some clue on what is going on ...
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