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  1. Bob111


    why we have SSDY all the time?
    first -they promised it somewhere around 02/18/04, then-02/28/2004. today is 02/29/2004-statement still not avialiable.
    all other houses send they final statements before first month of the year was end...
    at least-do youself a favor to protect your name- put the f**n notification AFTER statements ready to be sended to your customers...
  2. jebara

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    Yeah some of the brokerages have sent out there statements, out early this year, recently with the new tax law many firms have to alter there systems. I recieved Merrill Lynch statements in the end of January and just yesterday they sent me revised ones. The new tax laws has cause a lot of havoc for brokerages.
  3. rwk


    I too was annoyed by the delay in receiving the yearend statement from IB. Then I realized that there is nothing in the YE statement that is not in the twelve monthly statements (which are already out).
  4. Has anybody received IB year end statement?
  5. a notice went out that the year end statement was out....but where is it? Cant find it on the account management page.

  6. I log all my trade's using GTT tradelog which details the sales and buys, the way they are paired, the pnl for each trade

    . Is there anything else in the IB YE statement that I need to do my taxes? Thanks
  7. nitro


    I got mine yesterday.

  8. white17


    Tried to access mine today but got a message that it would be availabe 3/8
  9. its on the statement page under this.

    Yearly Transaction Summary

    2003 2002 Select Format:
  10. a5519


    Have got notification but it's not on the statemets page. It's really chaos-broker.
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