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  1. Is anyone using IB's TWS with Windows 98. Thanks for any re[lies.
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    hoodoo...I know the tendency is to stick with what works, but cummon, last I looked this is 2005!

    I've been using XP with IB TWS and a whole bunch of other sw for years and it all works great. Very few failures. Easy upgrades. Every new drive or other device I put on it plugs right in and works with no hassles.

    Have you tried XP? I think you will like it.



  3. Thanks for the reply?
  4. Hay C. Are you using XP home or XP pro?
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    I have both, but my main trading and testing system is XP home.

    I believe about the only difference is some network management stuff and remote control options, and maybe some file encryption and security stuff. Could be wrong tho. It's been a while since I looked at it.

    Also, I didn't consider you were probably running a much slower machine with not much memory, if it is '98 vintage. Wouldn't make much sense to upgrade just the op system on an old machine I suppose.

    But you can sure get a sweeet new machine nowadays for not much bux!
  6. I heard the other day that XP home was inferior to XP pro. This computer guy told me not to get it. So I sure don't want to buy something thats going to give me trouble.

    Exactly what make, model etc of computer are you using, if you don't mind.

    I'ed like to get this right for a change and it ain't easy. I got locked out of IB and closed my account. Thats why I was asking about win 98 and IBTWS>

    Now my other broker can't supply quotes and even QT doesn't know the answer to that one. Finally, found out today that the site is screwed up.
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    My main machine running TWS is a couple-year old Sony Vaio 2.4 ghz desktop, with 1.2 GB RAM and a Matrox dual monitor card and two Sony 18.5 LCDs.

    A very solid machine IMHO, but probably over-priced. I've never had any problems with it, but I don't think I would get another one given a cheaper choice.

    As for other machines you might look at, my daughter has a newer Gateway that works great, and we use many many Dells at work. About the only problems we see with the Dells, are occasional disk drive failures. Don't know if that is a common problem with them or not. Would certainly suck to have that happen to your trading machine.

    Maybe somebody should do a poll on the Hardware thread and ask what Machine they use and what Op system, and post what kinds of problems they have had?

    I've been thinking about getting a new system too...
  8. Thanks again C.