IB's TWS over remote desktop

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SideShowBob, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. I use TWS when connecting via remote desktop to my home PC on occasion and the screen re-paints itself twice on every screen change.

    I assume this is a java thing -- does anyone know if there is a java setting I can change or pass to the TWS launcher that will prevent this? It's really annoying and makes it brutal to do anything. Tradestation doesn't have this problem nor do other non-java apps....
  2. IB is gonna realize, one of these days, that forcing API users to go through the bloated java TWS, unless the users sign up for their FIX protocol API, is gonna cost them lots of business.. imo.

  3. -Dsun.awt.noerasebackground=true
  4. second that. i personally feel there is a huge void in the retail broker market that targets directly at automated traders / API users. on site box hosting, hardware renting, lowest possible latencies to markets, fast order execution, huge database of detailed historical data for backtesting. if I ever have enough capital I might try to set one up. might be a pretty successful investment considering how well IB is doing now, how their automated system support seems an afterthought and how a vast majority of trades done on global markets are done by automated systems.

    if my automated systems ever become profitable enough id do it for the sole purpose of increasing performance. iv passed over so many tricky automated systems that would have made a killing if I could afford to trade as an exchange level trader. if anyone has a few million laying around, send me a private message, maybe we could do some business :p
  5. Not sure if you'd consider alternatives to remote desktop, but I don't have those problems with LogMeIn or GoToMyPC in combination with TWS.
  6. im not sure about the differences with the data compression with remote desktop / gotomypc etc. I use remote desktop to monitor my automated system which has an opengl front end. remote desktop seems to be the only app that iv found that captures hardware rendered graphs and sends them correctly. that being said iv noticed that performance over remote utilities seems to be 99% based on bandwidth. i limit my remote desktop connection to 128kbits since bandwidth isint cheap, so its hard to interact with at times, but its automated, so there is rarely any need.
  7. I use server central i dont have this problem at all
    i have 8 tws and 14 custom made program( program size 700K) running at once
    ram is only 1G cost me 200 bucks a month
    ping time is around 23ms