IB's TWS is a CPU hog

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by adadadog, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. I am trying the latest version of TWS. It consumes 100% when ever I click on the TWS window. The older version is fine; but I would like to use the new version because it has 5 years of data instead of only 3 year with the older version.
    Do you have similar problem? How do you get around it besides getting a more powerful computer?
  2. Which latest TWS version?

    Standalone TWS 897 or browser TWS 898 Beta?

    Windows or UNIX?
  3. standalone 897, windows.
  4. pspr


    Try turning off the features that you don't use. That will help a lot.
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  6. I installed TWS 897.8 for Windows on one of my backup computers and it runs just fine for me.

    You can try installing TWS from scratch by uninstalling TWS and removing the C:\Jts folder.
  7. you might need to roll back to an earlier version of java. Try Java 6 Update 10
  8. Thanks everyone's input. I am going back to older version while waiting for IB to sort it out.