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  1. If i send an order w/ a bracket order attached (a limit and a stop), what happens if i change the price on the stop order?

    Does this cancel the other side of the bracket? Does it cancel both orders entirely and i need to re-enter one or both? Any easy way to deal with a bracket order in which you want to change the limit or stop price after it has been sent?

  2. I've changed price levels all the time. You can change the stop price and then hit T to transmit the change. Make sure you've highlighted just the stop order line because you want to transmit just that change. Nothing iin the rest of the bracket gets canceled. The stop level is updated.
  3. Yeah, you can change and re-change up and down, over and over, until you cancel one half or the other of the bracket.
  4. Thank you for your replies.

    EDIT: I just took a look, and would i have to Right/Left clcik and hit modify, or do i just change the price and then Transmit (don't want to play with it on a live order if i don't have to, but would like to understand the steps for when it becomes necessary to do so).

    Thanks again.
  5. Change the price and hit transmit. You can click-and-hold on the price to bring up the price slider (which is actually kind of sticky & glitchy, for me at least), or just type over the price. When you hit "T" for transmit, it replaces your old stop (or limit).
  6. oh man hakee, just set up 2 hotkeys, one for price up and one for price down. Don't mess with that stupid ladder or try to retype.

    The just highlight the order, hit the price up hotkey (you can set it for 1 tick or or 1 pt or anything, and have as many as you want) and hit transmit.