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    I have just upgraded to TWS 875 and the font size in the Account Window is so large that my account window now covers almost all of my monitor screen. This is totally unworkable. It looks like IB has made the account window font size the same size as the font size set for the TWS main trading Window. The account window font size needs to have it's own user control from within the account window the same as the execution window. Another problem with my account window is my portfolio column locations and widths are not restored when I restart TWS 875. This requires me to re-layout the column locations and widths every time I restart TWS 875. The only immediate solution I see for me is to downgrade to TWS 874 but I see TWS 873 as the only downgrade option offered in IB's web site as of 7-27-07.
  2. Believe it or not, I once had a problem where one of IB's default fonts didn't exist on my system and just got squares where the letters should be. So, I think, if I remember correctly, I right clicked on the field and found that I could change the font. I don't know if that will work with the size, too.
  3. Its an enhancement.

    "New Customizable, Easy-to-Read Account Window
    The Account window has been completely redesigned to make it easier to read and simple to customize. Your account information is the same but it's laid out so that key information is easier for you to find. And you still have access to the nicest features such as including FX positions in your portfolio, displaying "What-if" Portfolio Margin values, using the right-click menu to close a position and sorting by column heading, but the window now also includes the following enhancements:

    Top-to-bottom layout, instead of multiple "newspaper" type columns.
    New Available for Trading section, which includes Current, Look Ahead and Overnight Available Funds & Excess Liquidity, and Buying Power.
    Expanded version lets you see it all. Your view is expanded when the green "Minus" sign displays to the far right of the section. If the green "Plus" sign displays,

    To condense the view:
    Working section by section, put a check next to the parameters you want visible.
    Click the green "Minus" sign to condense the section, leaving only your checked parameters visible.

    Gentle colors and larger typeset that are easy on the eyes.
    Single-click access to the Configuration screen by clicking the Configure (wrench) icon.
    The Portfolio section now sorts options by underlying, then by expiration, then by strike. "
  4. Aint it wondrful?
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    All of those most outstanding account window enhancements and we can not even adjust the font size. What are IB's TWS software writers thinking or not thinking?
  6. I am baffled that yours is soooo large. I can read my acct window in full on my 13" laptop screen, 20" and 24" screens with ease...

    I Love the layout.... ANd it is so much easier to customize, so Key info (to me) is right where I need it....
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    I use a 20" screen at 1024 x 768 and have up until TWS 875 had the TWS main window, execution window and the account window all arranged on the screen where they do not overlap. I consider those three windows all must be viewable at the same time for my trading. Yes, the account window would display nicely on a 20" screen if that was the only window I needed to see at the same time. I use a font size of 18 on my TWS main page and the font size on the account window looks to be the same.
  8. My Bad, I use wide screen monitors...

    1680x1050 for a 20"
    1920x1200 for a 24"
    1280x800 for my 13"

    Works perfectly on my 20"
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    I bet you have much younger eyes than I.
  10. I dont know..... 28 years of staring at monitors has made me like larger fonts. LOL.

    And No, I am not in my 20's Though I did Mid-Life crisis a few years back. LOL.
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