IB's TWS: 64-bit Compatible?

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  1. Over the weekend, I trashed my Intel Centrino x86 (32-bit) for AMD Turion2 x64 (64-bit). When I tried to install Interactive Broker's TWS after installing the 64-bit Java, I get the error message that Java isn't installed.

    I haven't done it yet but I figure this should be resolved once I install the 32-bit version of Java. But then what's the point of running 32-bit app on a 64-bit machine? Isn't TWS 64-bit compatible yet?
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    You may have to reinstall 64 bit java after installing 32 bit java. Do report back whatever way it goes.
  3. What I really want is to run as a 64-bit. So if I follow your advice and reinstall the 64-bit Java after installing the 32-bit, then I would need to subsequently uninstall the 32-bit.

    [Update 1]
    Having just installed the 32-bit Java, TWS is now installed and running without a glitch. But remember this is operating on 32-bit. Now I will uninstall the 32-bit Java.

    [Update 2]
    It worked! Well, as far as I can tell (see the pic below). Is there a way you can verify whether it really is running as 64-bit?

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  4. If anyone else has a problem with this ... the issue is TWS's command line finding javaw.exe

    Either move a copy to where tws expects it or preferably edit the command line (properties on the icon) to point at the 64bit javaw.exe.
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    I think it needs both installed.
  6. The solution you propose is rather secondary. It only applies if you were able to install TWS in the first place. I wasn't able to install it before installing the 32-bit Java (that is, on top of 64-bit).

    So I have this nagging question at the back of my mind: is TWS disguising itself as 64- when in fact it's cruising at 32-bit?
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    Good questions saliva, thanks.
  9. I had the same problem on my home laptop running vista. I hand edited the shortcut to point the the proper javaw.exe and it ran fine.

    I'll post the before and after when I get home.
  10. Possibly not.

    If TWS runs on Java (ie, java does some combination of interpret and compile jts.jar and the other smaller jars) then the real question isn't "is tws 64 bit" but "is java 64 64 bit."

    And the obvious answer is?
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