IB's two issues in booktrader,

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jetq, Dec 8, 2005.

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    hope some guys in IB respond to this,

    I use TWS854.4 , the latest tws version, and latest java.

    I have two problem with IB's booktrader.

    first one
    go to configure-->booktrader-->buttons-->New.. to create new button in booktrader, it does create a button in booktrader, but if you want to modify it by select Edit, it doesn't response at all.

    second, with alt-left click to create bracket order, i can specify the stop and target, for example, for YM buy(dow future), stop will be -20 and target will be +40, but if I switch to trade ES(sp500 future), those number will be too big for ES, usually, for ES, I will set stop 2 and target 4. there is no universal stop and target for any market, every contractor should be different. every time I switch to trade different contractor, I have to remember to change those bracket order, in fast market these day, it's unpractical. and sometimes I forgot to change, and a disaster will happen, it has happened to me before many times,
    please could you fix this so that everytime I switch to different contractor, booktrader remember my last setup for this particular contractor, I usually trade 4- 5 contractors at the same time.
    thanks a lot
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    IB's Book Trader does not have that functionality. There are commercial add-ons that can have different strategies for different contracts. Do a search on Book Trader.

    IB has been working on making improvements. Maybe they will come up with the ability to have different strategies for YM, ES, NQ, and ER2, as well as for stocks.