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  1. dont


    I am soo pissed off. I submited a trouble ticket about two weeks ago, still no response but it shows as a new ticket?

    Anyone know what gives?
  2. Xenia


    Maybe there is nobody assigned to some of those 'categories'.

    You might want to try another 'category'.
  3. Please send me the ticket number.
  4. Atlantic


    i have to say that i don't think this tt-thing was a good idea.
    what is wrong with sending them a mail if i have a technical problem/question? they don't seem to answer mails at all lately.
  5. I think that one of the main purposes of the new trouble ticket system is to remedy previous problems with emails not answered, problems allowed to fall through the cracks of the bureaucracy, lack of follow-up, etc. I think the system is a good idea. The trouble-ticket system and organization, consisting of both computers and people, still has some weaknesses, but it takes time to develop and to trouble-shoot a system/organization, and I think they are doing this and they are gradually improving it. The system is not perfect, but I feel very sure that the trend and the intent is toward improvement. If it appears your particular trouble-ticket has fallen through the cracks, then perhaps you should add a comment to it saying so; and if this doesn't work, after a day or two, maybe then you should give them a phone call and let them know you seem to have an orphaned trouble ticket. I would not burden them with a phone call, over a non-urgent trouble ticket, until I was reasonably sure that my trouble ticket has been overlooked.
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    The trouble tickets have been great for me. All of my tickets have been replied to quickly (ranging from a few minutes to a few hours), unlike previous e-mail correspondence.
  7. tae


    IB has terrible customer service. i started with them and i left b/c they ignored my issues for a month.
    when i tried closing my account, they called me and had the gull to ask why i was closing the account. they tried to offer lower fees to keep my account, but it was only by a few pennies and for only one month.
    i found a better broker who's more customer service friendly and better fees.
    i don't want to name drop... don't want to get banned. but if you want to know, just email me and i'll respond.
  8. here is what i got last time i sent an email to support:
    NEAR FUTURE. Inquiries and service should be accessed using the web based
    located inside Account Management.
    Please note that email receives the lowest priority of our various service solutions.
    For more information on how to get the fastest service from IB, please refer to:
  9. I think it's a great idea. Once when a phone rep told me to request a form by email, I submitted that web-based send-an-email-to-IB form three times, over a period of a couple weeks, before getting a response. I don't know whether they didn't send a reply or I didn't receive it. But a ticket that I could review the status of would be great.
  10. I think they are essential, especially as organizations get larger as personel become accountable for individual issues and management can monitor whats going on and get figures on how things are going. Not perfect but emails alone can just fall through the cracks.

    I know when I was a tech support manager, it made me accountable for issues I would rather have brushed under the carpet if I could have got away with it.
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