IB's Trailing Stop for FUTURES

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  1. I just wanted to know if anyone was using IB's trailing stop for futures? Are there glitches to it? Does it work flawlessly?

  2. I've used it a few times (On the NQ), seems to work like a charm. I think the rules are similar to nasdaq rules in that you have to have two bids at or below before the stop triggers. The details are fuzzy in my head, so double check on the IB site.
  3. Was anyone able to incorporate the stop into their system and be profitable?

  4. I've used IB's trailing stops on es. Once you enter the stop, it trails, but it doesn't show you where the stop is. So it is difficult to judge exactly how flawlessly it is working.

    profitably? Those doggone trailing stops. I trade because I want to be able to control my income. Once I enter the trailing stop, I know, you know, the whole world knows when the move has stalled, and I sit there like the powerless peon I am waiting for the pullback to trigger my stop.

    I already have my profit, now the market has to move the distance of my stop for me to get it. Yes, the trade is profitable, but it would be more profitable just to pull the trigger when the move has ended.

    Would have made more money today if I'd used a trailing stop instead of thinking I am so powerful that I alone know when the move has ended.
  5. oh yeah, one nice thing, when you enter as a buy with trailing stop, you only have to hit the transmit one time and both are entered, and the stop can easily be cancelled or modified while the trade is on.
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    been using then the last 11 days with the NQ, as yet no problems at all. The only thing I don't like is not being %100 sure where the T-stop is at, after it's been placed.

    By the way, I use the T-stop to not only stop me out but also to reverse me in the market.

    I also enter mainly on buy/sell limit stop orders. As of yet I only allow 1/2pt for slippage, and I think today is the only day so far to have got the worse fill. Going back over the charts, it was still pretty amazing I even got it, seemed to free fall, but I got filled, it was worth the extra 1/2pt :)

    Hope this may help you.

  7. Andy, The only way I can find to enter a stop limit is to set it as the default. But that screws up my close position hotkey because I think it uses whatever order is in the default and I like to keep close position as mkt because sometimes I forget if I'm long or short.

    Are you entering stop limit through the buy default hotkey? or is there another way?
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    hope this will explain what I think, you think, I'm meaning :) ????

    For stop limit, I click on the market line (buy or sell), than I right click on the order line, then click on ticket.

    A full order ticket pops up and I fill it out, then transmit it.

    Yes I know it's probably the long way to do it, but with the strategy I'm using I have a few moments to do it. I guess I always seem to end up doing things the hard way :)

    Hope this helps

  9. I am confused maybe you guys can help me out.

    Assuming the ES is trading at 900. My plan is to buy a breakout at 901. So i want to enter a buy stop order at 901 to enter the trade.. and use a 1 point trailing stop to exit. What exactly do i have to select and transmit in TWS?

  10. ANDY4: you are not alone. i do it the " long way" too. i like to know what i am doing .
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