IB's trading Olympiad

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    Interesting things:

    1. By making less than one dollar (repeat, 41 cents in 3 months) O. O. made #20 on the list and $1000 real cash. Congratulations for nothing!

    2. I wonder how many students enrolled altogether? There were only 20 systems actually making money, and I would say making 2-3% in 3 months is not really something that makes my heart beat faster. But those guys also made $1000 in real cash.

    3. I have a very simple trading strategy, very easy to program so if you are a college student able to program, PM me and we can enroll in the next Olympiad. I think we would make the top 3....

    4. I think the idea behind the Olympiad is great. Would like to point out that IB saved lots of prize money by not having enough in the money systems....
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    Just sent you a PM.
  3. They could have saved even more money if they only gave a bottle of Jagermeister to the top-10 finishers instead of cash. The participants would have been willing to accept that.